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Middari of Ayonae Ro
Saturday, July 30, 2005
The Lazy days of summer of EQ
Mood:  chillin'
I was sitting in PoKnowledge the other day thinking to myself we need more life in EQ and BAm a guildie told me about the current war taking place between the good and evil felt like something out of Star Wars, "The balance between good and evil." So I went to check it out and it was pretty cool from what I have seen no cool drops for me yet but if I keep going and trying then hopefully my luck will help me there.
Not much else to report guild is doing great you have to love a guild that loves their people and loves to raid, makes EQ all the more sweet.


~Middy Out~

Posted by middari64 at 7:19 AM EDT
Monday, May 2, 2005
Plane of Time
Mood:  celebratory
When you fight in Time you have to be at the top of your game all your knowledge of your character is put to the test. Fighting the gods in Time is very challenging if you make a slight mistake it could mean the raid wipes.
We had a slight shortage of healers on out last Time run all the way to Quarm we started losing people quickly and I was not sure we would make it then I got battle rezed in and saw that Quarm was at 14% so with rez effects on ran to the dragon started swinging hoping we could kick it's ass. I was very conservative at that point turning off attack only when Quarm turned toward the dps folks. Then he fell and it was awesome our healers did a fantastic job and in the end it was great to be apart of the family again.
Just a side note when loot if being handed for Quarm do not attack and kill the egg, some fool did that on our last raid and we almost didn't get the loot handed out.

**Middari, Out!**

Posted by middari64 at 2:51 PM EDT
Wednesday, April 6, 2005
Mending Fences
Mood:  special
A friend said to me that, "Trust takes years to build and seconds to break." ~ Dontaious - Fellowship of Dragons ~ Woot Doni your in my blog hehe.)

A little over a year ago I was sitting at my desk watching guild after guild make it to Po Time and get all this gear that was uber and just showing up every other player in the game. There is a commandment in the bible that states... Thou shall not covet thy neighbors goods. But I was coveting big time my ego and selfishness took over my thoughts and I made a decision that would forever change my EQ life.
I used to be a member of Fellowship of Dragons on the Ayonae Ro server, I joined them November of 2003 and they were the first real guild I had ever been in. I started playing EQ in 2002 (all my brother's fault that I am addicted to it.) and at the time I joined FoD I knew absolutely nothing about PoP or really any big raid mobs for that matter except for some Luclin and old world planes. That very night I was tagged in FoD I went to my first PoP raid in Crypt of Decay and I had a blast. Here was a guild full of people who were kind and fun to hang with and I will never forget all the "Welcomes" I got. FoD took me places I only dreamed of going and we had so much along the way.
Until one day another guild member and I attended a Bertoxxulous raid with some open raiders and we beat it, now at the time FoD had not beaten Bertoxx and I went an hailed the Planar Progression. Sitting here today thinking about that raid I had 2 choices a.) Hail the PP and get the flag. (Which I did.) or b.) Not hail the PP and wait to take it down with my guild family. At the time option b never entered my mind and I truly believe that was the beginning of my selfish ego. Radical (the FoD raid leader) said to me "Why did you go on that raid knowing we haven't done that mob yet?" I didn't know really what to say because once he said that, I started thinking why in the hell did I just do that? The answer wasn't clear to me then but I did it again. It was afternoon I didn't have any classes and Landslide had just killed Rallos Zek which was yet another mob we were working hard on to take down and they invited me into the raid and down in the pit I went to get the flag. I knew what I was doing when I hailed that mob and the rest of the day was praying that Radical would not find out. But he did and from that day on I began to look for another guild higher then FoD, figuring I got RZ any guild would take me now. So I told a lie on the guild message boards but my actual intentions were to join another guild. A mistake!
I sit here today thinking why didn't I just stick it out with FoD of at least told them the truth? Because I wanted the brass ring so bad I could taste it. I repeated this pattern again but this time I left Final Destiny for Sphere of Transcendence which was a dying guild at the time but I didn't know it. Well sure enough about 3 months later SoT broke up and we all went our separate ways I went to Turul Legion at that point. I had to leave TL because I was beginning new classes at school and they took up my mornings when TL would be raiding, I tried to re-join FD but they wouldn't take me back (I don't blame them.) so like a coward I ran away from my problems on Ayonae Ro and from the problems I made there. Now I am back I was a recruit in Landslide but I have a giant new campaign to work on that for the next three months I will be working everyday from probably 7am to 7pm which means I can't do the euro times again.
This post is getting way to damn long don't ya think?!!?

The date is February 17th the time is almost noon it was a cool morning in Arizona. My grandmother and I are watching The Price is Right she is in bed attached to all her I.Vs, I am sitting in the chair next to her bed. She is as usual beating me at guessing the prices when all of a sudden her hand became some what limp. I turn to look at her and she gives me this big smile, I tried to ask her what was wrong but she spoke first. She looked at me and said, "I am ready." I knew exactly what she meant my grandmother told me she was not afraid to die because she knew where she was going, she knew that in heaven she would walk among the angels. When she shut her eyes I knew heaven was calling for her.) Her last weeks here will always be special to me I watched this women fight and fight with everything she had to keep going.
My grandmother saw the good in my heart that I could not see she believed in me when many did not. She taught me that no matter what you have done in this lifetime you still have time to fix what you have broken.
~ Thank you grand mom for showing me who I truly could be and who I truly wanted to be. I love you! ~

I re-applied to FoD a few days ago and began to try mending some broken fences there is no excuse for what I did to them, but I wanted to offer my deepest apologizes to each and every member of FoD. =)

OMG you mean the post is over?
Love and Hugz - Middari

Posted by middari64 at 5:37 PM EDT
Updated: Thursday, April 7, 2005 12:29 PM EDT
Friday, April 1, 2005
Pope John Paul II
Mood:  sad
I know this is off topic of EverQuest but since I am catholic I wanted to send out my prayers and thoughts to the pontiff in his last hours here among the mortals. When he passes, the religious community will be sad but we know he will finally be in the kingdom of heaven and walk among the angels and met our maker. May God be with you Pope John Paul II and go gently into that good night. God has his arms open waiting to greet you at the pearly gates.
God bless us all within this finally hours.


Posted by middari64 at 10:48 PM EST
Thursday, March 31, 2005
Merging with The Tribunal
Mood:  irritated
I found out a few days ago that Ayonae Ro is merging with The Tribunal and I want to be excited but I am not sure. I mean I am hoping that with this merge we may be able to get our number back up to par for most guilds and hopefully the raiding competitions will begin again but I just don't know. I just came back to Ayonae Ro and now I am leaving it again and I am kind of a bit down.
I am loving my new family all wonderful people and I am making new friends every day and I respect each and every one of the members because they all work so hard to make a raid work. Yesterday's raid was so much fun I haven't been that excited about raiding in a very long time, probably was a Rallos Zek encounter with my old family Fellowship of Dragons. We had been trying and trying and trying so hard to understand the encounter and balance our raids to fit what we needed for it and one night we all went in there and it felt like we weren't going to make any mistakes. And if I remember correctly we didn't make any real big mistakes. When FoD had finally taken the warlord down my heart was racing and I was just so happy for them. Unfortunately not to long after that win I let ego and greed cloud my judgments and I made a mistake and left FoD but by doing that I hurt a lot of friends I had made and it was wrong of me to do that. I still loved being in FoD and happy to say this GRATZ to FoD for making it to the Plane of Time. Each and every member deserved it and worked hard for it.

But Landslide is my home now and I am proud to be a part of them and I'm having a very fun time with them.


Posted by middari64 at 9:49 AM EST
Updated: Friday, April 1, 2005 3:33 AM EST
Sunday, March 27, 2005
Back from Tunare
Mood:  celebratory
It is so nice to finally back home after a 5 month stay on Tunare don't get me wrong I met a lot of wonderful people like Ralaz who will be my best friend forever. But I just missed being back on Ayonae Ro and all the friends I left behind here now I am a applicant in and having so much fun.
I want to give shout outs to these folks whom rock!
*Ralaz - Hugs!!
*Soyna - Wurd up ma!
*Kaylia - Sissta friend!
*Kuuldase - Luv ya always!
*Harvezter - Even tho u on EQII now.
*Tealk - Wink hug wink!
*Hudorm - Letz duel! muhaha
*Panthaa - Fur doing my sig it rockz!

Posted by middari64 at 1:30 AM EST

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