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*8-22-05: Added pictures and more pictures changed the opening page Welcome sign and the music enjoy.  Still more construction going on.
*8-5-05: Still in process of revamping the website many pictures were lost so be trying to upload more in.  Addind some new text and re-doing some old text.
*7-20-05: Revamping my website so pardon the mess.
*4-21-05: Ayonae Ro has merged with The Tribunal server.
* Middari has returned to Ayonae Ro, after 5 months on Tunare she has returned home to a wonderful welcoming.  Welcome home Midd!!


Regis and I are discussing the Fighting Irish, he is so charming! LOL!

Middari is the daughter of a Wood Elven mother and a Human father, a warrior she was born when her parents were in the prime of fighting with the High Champions of our great world. Mother had given birth to me in Kelethin which is were my parents would settle for the rest of their time here on Norrath. I grew older father had taught me the ways to be a warrior mother had given birth to my brother whom I was allowed to name, and there he was Kiddari. He was not like me in any way he was born with a fighting nature but when he was in his 9th year he began to notice he had magical abilities comming from his hands, father assumed he was a weilder of swords but he was a true Knight like his grandfather was. Kiddari and I were born as the race of Half Elf, but mother had a most interesting miracle happen she gave birth to not 1 not 2 but 3 boys all withing minutes of one another. These boys were all like mother they were young Wood Elfs, Meaolan the oldest of the three was born as an assassin a theif if you will he was always stealing coin from the local travlers he was also a weilder of the most powerful daggers in all the land, the second boy Menluan had the skills of an Archer, shooter of the finest arrows our people make and dead accuarte with a sight like no other, and Canoodle was like a jester but he could hum magical songs and play instruments to power the forces going into battle. I being the oldest had to take care of the boys until my first sister was born a Half Elf like me, Bianu a druidess I took her under my wing and taught her all I knew. My father taught me everything about being a powerful swordsmen in our great land and as I grew up and began on my quest to destroy the most vile creatures, I had recived news that mother had fallen ill and shortly after I had returned home mother passed up into the heavens. She went carried on a cloudly pillow by Mother Tunare. Father died not shortly after mother and then I was left to raise my brothers and sister. The 6 of us have seen many creatures and fought in many dangerous battles along our joureny we continue on after every battle with the spirit of our beautiful elven mother and handsome human father on our shoulders, for they are always with us.

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